A Weak EPA Makes for a Weak America

Scott Pruitt – It’s a name synonymous with weak environmental protections. As an adversarial appointment to the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Donald Trump’s choice sets the stage for a weakened working class, unprotected by the organization meant to keep it healthy.

Families depend on the United States Government to provide healthy and plentiful water, fresh air to breathe and an environment free of industrial and agricultural chemicals. What good is a government that does not protect it’s people?

The EPA literally has one mandate, as stated in it’s name. It is the Environmental Protection Agency. It is not the business protection agency. The only to-do on the EPA’s roster is to protect the items that sustain Americans. A fully functioning agency listens to the businesses impacted by regulation and creates a path to an environmentally protected America, but it does not hold an oath to serve the pocketbooks of political cronies and campaign donors.

Mr. Pruitt has sued the agency, that he now controls, over two dozen times (1) (2) on common sense issues that undermines the strength of our men, women and children. Lawsuits include; challenges to mercury pollution limits, ozone pollution reduction, pollution limitations during power plant shutdowns or malfunctions, maintaining National Parks aesthetic integrity, clean air standards for oil and gas drilling, greenhouse gas determinations and argues against the clean water rule.

Having a contrarian as the head of a government agency undermines this office and the health of the American people.

Americans are stronger, healthier and happier when the world in which they live allows them to obtain their basic environmental rights. This is accomplished by a strong EPA that owes nothing to corporate interests, and everything to the families of the citizens of this great country.

(1) https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2017/02/17/scott-pruitt-long-time-adversary-of-epa-confirmed-to-lead-the-agency/

(2) https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3290872-Pruitt-v-EPA-a-Compilation-of-Oklahoma-14.html

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