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Batavia Meetup – (The 4th) Face-to-Face With Keith

Send Keith Line your Batavia, IL questions or comments at https://www.earthyrobot.com/contact/. Keith wants to hear what YOU want from our wonderful city.

Keith is running for City Council in 2019. His announcement video is below.

This “meetup” is a Q/A. Message Keith at that URL and he will compile the list of questions and answers and send to all and post on Facebook.

The previous events were at Panera and Facebook Live. Keith will try new ways each week to engage with EVERY person in Batavia.

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Watch Keith Line’s campaign announcement for Batavia, IL City Council via the Earthy Robot Facebook page.

#ANNOUNCEMENTI am announcing my intent to run for Batavia City Council in 2019.The first of many Face to Face meetups will be on April 20th, 2017. Details are available on my Events page at https://www.earthyrobot.com/events/Would you like to volunteer to help? In the upcoming months, I will put together a campaign team. If you are interested, please register at https://www.earthyrobot.com/volunteer/Questions? Contact me via https://www.earthyrobot.com/contact/ or on Facebook via Earthy Robot.Thank you for watching and participating.Sincerely,Keith Linehttps://www.earthyrobot.comhttp://www.facebook.com/earthyrobot

Posted by Earthy Robot on Wednesday, April 5, 2017