Educational Superiority

Education for all does not mean that every child gets the same education. It means that each child is educated in a manner that allows them to reach their potential and does not pit them against arbitrary standards for success.

Proper education assesses progress and addresses the needs, based upon that assessment to develop a personalized approach. Children and adults learn at different rates, have different cognitive abilities and physical needs that require highly skilled teachers.

The best teachers will make for the best students. Teachers that  foster the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) skills of children will create the visionary and functional thinkers of the future. Teachers and teaching assistants that can speak multiple languages, help kids with challenging physical and mental needs, while being able to modify and follow curriculum are essential parts of our education system.

For too long, politicians have pushed for a nostalgic take on education. Are we to assume that the way we educated in 1950 is appropriate today? Have we not learned new and exciting ways based upon the breakthroughs of those that strove to new heights? Of course, this nostalgia does not make for a strong America. Some politicians push for uneducated voters because they feel that they are more easily manipulated. No sensible American should stand for this.

When we use logic and compassion to educate our children, we create a successful and independent base for the future of America.