Empowered Citizens

One of the most important tasks for any American is to participate in our political process and to have our voices heard. When we listen to the voices of other Americans, as well as considering our own, we create a balanced and just Republic.

Stifling the voices of other citizens creates a weak country. There are leaders that use this weakness against the very Americans that they swear to protect. Leaders that create arbitrary divisions among the people are no leaders at all.

Citizen journalists, along with mainstream and independent journalism is an essential part of a democracy. We should welcome the challenges placed forth by investigative reporters. The right to a free-press is Constitutionally mandated. Our great country is made greater when leaders embrace the press.

It is our right to participate, and it is our duty to be considerate of the needs for all. Becoming entrenched in the things that only affect someone personally is damaging to this country. It is as simple as showing care and respect. We teach our children to care and respect others and we should not lose sight of this as adults.

Respectful participation is the cornerstone of an empowered citizen.

Find a meetup group. Create or participate in a network of caring citizens. Do not back down when facing adversity. Push for balance. Most importantly, use your voice to create intelligent articles and speeches that ignite others to action. This passion will drive others to become engaged.