Environmental Security

The strength and security of America is dependent upon a clean and healthy environment for it’s people. For too long, certain political parties have weakened America by creating a false-narrative about over-reaching environmental regulation. It’s time to ditch this feeble system¬†of corporate greed that comes at the expense of our people.

It has been demonstrated that solar and wind energy can power almost all of America in only fifteen years. All of this is possible with American jobs. Even if we create an infrastructure from a world economy, the installation, assembly and maintenance will be solely in the hands of the American worker. People will thrive. Unions will grow. Taxable income will increase. And best of all, Americans will get healthier.

The EPA creates a system of clean rivers to fish and swim in. Environmental regulation ensures that hunters have animals for sport and that kids and families can interface with nature in an increasingly technological world.

Clean water is a fundamental right of all human beings. Anything less is criminal. Fresh air allows us to breathe. It’s really that simple. If we don’t have unpolluted air, we will be sick. Any politician that promotes unchecked regulation removal is literally killing Americans.

Supporting candidates that place corporate greed over our citizens, is wholly un-American.