Financial Security

Money is interwoven in our lives. We Americans work hard for the money that helps us live. Our goal is to feel secure knowing that the future may be stress-free and enjoyable for our families. Yet, for many of us, having a basic living wage is nearly impossible, regardless of how hard we work. For those that work the hardest, it is often at the expense of spending time with their children and to obtain a higher education.

It is the right of every American to work and rest. We should not be confined to never-ending work in order to achieve a minimum quality of life. When the people are able to patronize local businesses, from mom and pop ice-cream parlors to purchasing their affordable dream-home, our economy does not idle. This is good for all of America.

A minimum living-wage that escalates with the economy is not only necessary, but it makes the financial security of America more robust.

Going bankrupt from healthcare costs is good for no one. Single-payer healthcare should be provided for all Americans.

When we are unemployed, we deserve the unemployment wages that we have already paid for. The employment service organizations should do more to train workers and foster an environment conducive to becoming better people.

Weak governments do not maintain common sense financial regulation and oversight. Strong governments are well-regulated and protect the tax-payers. Are we not a strong America?

Some of our political parties would have us believe that financial oversight is not in the best-interest of the working-class and creates a weak citizenry. In reality, this only creates wealthier wealthy people. We are a nation of hard-working, equal people. Keeping this in mind as we elect our officials will make for a strong country and a strong future worthy of our investments.

Let us not only measure our success by what we can spend, but also what we can save. Our investments should be secure. The America that I know cares for the future of our seniors and children alike.