Healthy Americans

America is made strong by it’s people. The citizens of our country should receive the best healthcare in the world. Why? Because, anything less undermines our nation at it’s very heart.

There is no reason that Americans do not have universal single-payer healthcare. There might be companies or businesses that protest because their profit will be harmed, but that is an excuse, and not a reason. Americans pay taxes. What is the benefit of paying taxes if we are not to be taken care of?

Some argue that one person shouldn’t pay for another person’s health care. This is nothing more than a diversion from those that profit at the expense of a sick and weak citizenry. The taxes that we pay are taken in by the government and redistributed for all. Why should basic health-care be any different?

If we simplify our communication, billing and payment systems, the American people will save money and become healthier.

Healthy Americans learn more, invent more and work harder than anyone else in The World.