Scientific Integrity

Science Рit is ultimately what allows Americans to do fun and useful things like share photos of our kids with family members on social media sites, launch rockets to space stations and watch television. It allows us to drive safe vehicles. It helps us create cures for disease. Scientists alert us of climate change factors and offer solutions to become safe and secure in our environment.

Since the dawn of time, some have vilified science and undermined it’s basic principles in order to turn a higher profit or to stifle creative and free thought. This is patently un-American.

At it’s core, scientific method teaches us the methodical logic to develop new understandings. Yet, this method is often attacked as only a theory by those that do not understand it’s meaning. The potential to divide people from the truth of scientific findings is a trend in certain political parties. There is no room for this divisiveness if we want America to succeed in the 21st century.

Scientific communities, organizations and government agencies are essential to the growth of a strong Republic. America is weakened by illogical conclusions of obvious truths. When we ignore basic needs, we are damaging our ability to defend our country from the effects of climate change, hostile forces that use science more intelligently than we do, by having a sick citizenry and by simply not having robust and enjoyable lives.

America is grounded in it’s investment markets. Investing in the future of our country by funding scientific studies, locating and curating the talent of young scientists and developing environmentally sound and innovative infrastructure is critical to our success.

Cultivating new scientists and free-thinkers is one of the best investment this country can make.