Educational Superiority

Education for all does not mean that every child gets the same education. It means that each child is educated in a manner that allows them to reach their potential and does not pit them against arbitrary standards for success.

Proper education assesses progress and addresses the needs, based upon that assessment to develop a personalized approach. Children and adults learn at different rates, have different cognitive abilities and physical needs that require highly skilled teachers.

The best teachers will make for the best students. Teachers that  foster the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) skills of children will create the visionary and functional thinkers of the future. Teachers and teaching assistants that can speak multiple languages, help kids with challenging physical and mental needs, while being able to modify and follow curriculum are essential parts of our education system.

For too long, politicians have pushed for a nostalgic take on education. Are we to assume that the way we educated in 1950 is appropriate today? Have we not learned new and exciting ways based upon the breakthroughs of those that strove to new heights? Of course, this nostalgia does not make for a strong America. Some politicians push for uneducated voters because they feel that they are more easily manipulated. No sensible American should stand for this.

When we use logic and compassion to educate our children, we create a successful and independent base for the future of America.

Environmental Security

The strength and security of America is dependent upon a clean and healthy environment for it’s people. For too long, certain political parties have weakened America by creating a false-narrative about over-reaching environmental regulation. It’s time to ditch this feeble system of corporate greed that comes at the expense of our people.

It has been demonstrated that solar and wind energy can power almost all of America in only fifteen years. All of this is possible with American jobs. Even if we create an infrastructure from a world economy, the installation, assembly and maintenance will be solely in the hands of the American worker. People will thrive. Unions will grow. Taxable income will increase. And best of all, Americans will get healthier.

The EPA creates a system of clean rivers to fish and swim in. Environmental regulation ensures that hunters have animals for sport and that kids and families can interface with nature in an increasingly technological world.

Clean water is a fundamental right of all human beings. Anything less is criminal. Fresh air allows us to breathe. It’s really that simple. If we don’t have unpolluted air, we will be sick. Any politician that promotes unchecked regulation removal is literally killing Americans.

Supporting candidates that place corporate greed over our citizens, is wholly un-American.

Scientific Integrity

Science – it is ultimately what allows Americans to do fun and useful things like share photos of our kids with family members on social media sites, launch rockets to space stations and watch television. It allows us to drive safe vehicles. It helps us create cures for disease. Scientists alert us of climate change factors and offer solutions to become safe and secure in our environment.

Since the dawn of time, some have vilified science and undermined it’s basic principles in order to turn a higher profit or to stifle creative and free thought. This is patently un-American.

At it’s core, scientific method teaches us the methodical logic to develop new understandings. Yet, this method is often attacked as only a theory by those that do not understand it’s meaning. The potential to divide people from the truth of scientific findings is a trend in certain political parties. There is no room for this divisiveness if we want America to succeed in the 21st century.

Scientific communities, organizations and government agencies are essential to the growth of a strong Republic. America is weakened by illogical conclusions of obvious truths. When we ignore basic needs, we are damaging our ability to defend our country from the effects of climate change, hostile forces that use science more intelligently than we do, by having a sick citizenry and by simply not having robust and enjoyable lives.

America is grounded in it’s investment markets. Investing in the future of our country by funding scientific studies, locating and curating the talent of young scientists and developing environmentally sound and innovative infrastructure is critical to our success.

Cultivating new scientists and free-thinkers is one of the best investment this country can make.

Financial Security

Money is interwoven in our lives. We Americans work hard for the money that helps us live. Our goal is to feel secure knowing that the future may be stress-free and enjoyable for our families. Yet, for many of us, having a basic living wage is nearly impossible, regardless of how hard we work. For those that work the hardest, it is often at the expense of spending time with their children and to obtain a higher education.

It is the right of every American to work and rest. We should not be confined to never-ending work in order to achieve a minimum quality of life. When the people are able to patronize local businesses, from mom and pop ice-cream parlors to purchasing their affordable dream-home, our economy does not idle. This is good for all of America.

A minimum living-wage that escalates with the economy is not only necessary, but it makes the financial security of America more robust.

Going bankrupt from healthcare costs is good for no one. Single-payer healthcare should be provided for all Americans.

When we are unemployed, we deserve the unemployment wages that we have already paid for. The employment service organizations should do more to train workers and foster an environment conducive to becoming better people.

Weak governments do not maintain common sense financial regulation and oversight. Strong governments are well-regulated and protect the tax-payers. Are we not a strong America?

Some of our political parties would have us believe that financial oversight is not in the best-interest of the working-class and creates a weak citizenry. In reality, this only creates wealthier wealthy people. We are a nation of hard-working, equal people. Keeping this in mind as we elect our officials will make for a strong country and a strong future worthy of our investments.

Let us not only measure our success by what we can spend, but also what we can save. Our investments should be secure. The America that I know cares for the future of our seniors and children alike.

Empowered Citizens

One of the most important tasks for any American is to participate in our political process and to have our voices heard. When we listen to the voices of other Americans, as well as considering our own, we create a balanced and just Republic.

Stifling the voices of other citizens creates a weak country. There are leaders that use this weakness against the very Americans that they swear to protect. Leaders that create arbitrary divisions among the people are no leaders at all.

Citizen journalists, along with mainstream and independent journalism is an essential part of a democracy. We should welcome the challenges placed forth by investigative reporters. The right to a free-press is Constitutionally mandated. Our great country is made greater when leaders embrace the press.

It is our right to participate, and it is our duty to be considerate of the needs for all. Becoming entrenched in the things that only affect someone personally is damaging to this country. It is as simple as showing care and respect. We teach our children to care and respect others and we should not lose sight of this as adults.

Respectful participation is the cornerstone of an empowered citizen.

Find a meetup group. Create or participate in a network of caring citizens. Do not back down when facing adversity. Push for balance. Most importantly, use your voice to create intelligent articles and speeches that ignite others to action. This passion will drive others to become engaged.

Healthy Americans

America is made strong by it’s people. The citizens of our country should receive the best healthcare in the world. Why? Because, anything less undermines our nation at it’s very heart.

There is no reason that Americans do not have universal single-payer healthcare. There might be companies or businesses that protest because their profit will be harmed, but that is an excuse, and not a reason. Americans pay taxes. What is the benefit of paying taxes if we are not to be taken care of?

Some argue that one person shouldn’t pay for another person’s health care. This is nothing more than a diversion from those that profit at the expense of a sick and weak citizenry. The taxes that we pay are taken in by the government and redistributed for all. Why should basic health-care be any different?

If we simplify our communication, billing and payment systems, the American people will save money and become healthier.

Healthy Americans learn more, invent more and work harder than anyone else in The World.